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Click the icon of the device you would like to setup:

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One desktop, anywhere.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to have an Effortless computing experience. We have created for you your own demo desktop.

From any of the devices listed in this guide, you will be able to access your desktop.

You have administrator-level privileges on your desktop, so feel free to install applications for testing, browse the Internet, or just enjoy the experience.

During your demo, you have access to our helpdesk, via demohelp@effortlessoffice.com.

Below is a list of important factors that can impact your Effortless Experience when interacting with your Effortless Desktop services.

Internet connection:

When accessing your desktop, a fluid experience requires about 256Kbps of bandwidth and preferably less than 100ms of delay or latency. Actual amount can vary, based on the number of displays you are using, and at times, upon the type of applications you are using.

To test your bandwidth, you can visit www.speakeasy.net/speedtest from your local desktop or access device.

Streaming Services:

Services such as Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube require a lot of constant bandwidth. If your company allows users to access these services, please discuss best practices and bandwidth requirements with your Account Representative.

Video and Graphics:

Standard Effortless Desktops are designed for use with general office applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Graphics intensive applications, such as AutoCad and Photoshop, can at times require our enhanced desktops. If you utilize these types of applications, please talk to your account representatives about our enhanced desktop.

While most websites work flawlessly in Effortless Office, browsing graphics or video intensive websites may produce a slight delay when compared to a local PC.

Getting Help is Effortless!

The easiest way to open a ticket is simply send an e–mail to demohelp@effortlessoffice.com. Doing so will automatically create a ticket and alert our team of Engineers, who will contact you as soon as possible to resolve your issue or answer your question.

If you are unable to send an email, or if you prefer to use our Online Support Portal, please go to: http://help.effortlessoffice.com


Creating a Support User Account

  1. To create a support portal account, please visit http://help.effortlessoffice.com

  2. Select the option to ‘Sign up now.’

  3. Fill out each of the requested fields, and press the create button.

  4. A welcome e-mail will be sent to the e-mail account you’ve provided.

  5. This will include the Username and Password used to log into the support portal.

  6. Once logged in, you will be able to create and monitor the progress of previous ticket(s).

For any emergencies, or if you are unable to send an e-mail or access our Online Support Portal, please contact us by phone at:

  • 855-363-6863 (option 1 for support)

  • 702-405-4700 (option 1 for support)


During Business Hours*

  • Business Affecting/Mission Critical – Immediate response•    

  • General User Support – 2 hour response

After Business Hours*

  • Business Affecting/Mission Critical – Best effort

  • General User Support – Next business day

*Business hours are 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.  

The Effortless Office crew wants to thank you for your time and look forward to partnering with you on your journey to working effortlessly.



  1. Go to the website: https://eo.effortlessoffice.com/

  2. Click on “Install VMware Horizon View Client

  3. Click on the version that is compatible to your computer.

  4. Download the installer, and run it (click RUN).

  5. If you have Windows, click NEXT all the way through.

  6. The connection server is: daas.effortlessoffice.com

  7. You are now ready for your Effortless Desktop Experience!



  1. Open the App Store on iPad/iPhone.

  2. Search for “VMWare Horizon View Client” on the top right.

  3. Touch Install (This will require an “Apple ID”)

  4. Open the new installed app “VMware Horizon View Client”

  5. Click on Add server

  6. Enter: daas.effortlessoffice.com for the Connection server.

  7. Enter your username, password, and domain provided.

  8. Touch the blue arrow, then click on Connect.

  9. There will be a pop up with help instructions. (Click on Done when you are finished reading the gesture help.)

  10. You are now ready for your Effortless Desktop experience!



  1. Search for “VMware View” in the Playstore. Be sure to select the version that is published by VMWare, Inc.

  2. On the VMWare View app page, touch Install.

  3. Accept the end-user license agreement by touching Accept & Download.

  4. Open VMWare View Client on your Android device.

  5. On the Welcome screen, touch Add server.

  6. In the Server Name or Address field, type: daas.effortlessoffice.com. Leave the Server Description field blank, unless you wish to assign a nickname to the connection.

  7. Touch Connect.

  8. On the Connection Server screen, enter your username and password. If not already selected, select the domain provided.

  9. Touch Connect.

  10. Your Android device will display the Effortless Desktop and may also display basic gesture help.

  11. After initial setup is completed, your Android device will display a VMware View icon for easy access.

  12. You are now ready for your Effortless Desktop experience!



  1. Go to Apps, then Store, then search for “VMware Horizon View”.

  2. On the VMWare View app page, touch Download.

  3. Go back home, then open VMWare View Client on your device.

  4. Touch Add Server.

  5. Type: daas.effortlessoffice.com.

  6. Touch Connect or Next.

  7. On the Connection Server screen, enter your username and password. If not already selected, select the domain provided.

  8. Touch Connect.

  9. You are now ready for your Effortless Desktop experience!

Thank You!