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10 Reasons You Should Choose a Business Cloud Services Provider

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

The introduction of cloud technology into your IT infrastructure will add new layers to your environment. With a business cloud services provider, you can avoid downtime, mitigate security threats, and avoid costly data loss as you migrate to the cloud. The right provider can also help fill in the gaps in your IT management.

There are 10 reasons you should consider investing in a business cloud services provider:

  1. Cost savings: Running a full IT department is often not realistic for a small or mid-size business, but those businesses still want high-performing networks and business agility with the right technology. The right cloud expert manages many of the technologies you would have to hand over to an IT department without the associated cost.

  2. A predictable invoice: When you use a business cloud services provider, you decide what your budget is for IT, and you spend that amount each month.

  3. Future-proof your business: An in-house IT team would have to handle upgrades and training, spending time and resources to decide what emerging technologies will be worth it for your business. But your cloud provider will handle the advancing technology for you.

  4. Customized service: You’ll be able to choose a plan that’s tailored for your exact needs, whether that’s a pay-per-service model or a converged solution that handles security monitoring and network management.

  5. Infrastructure support: A business cloud services provider will offer a solid network infrastructure with round-the-clock monitoring and support. Depending on how the service agreement is structured, the right provider will be able to scan and monitor the network for patch requirement and security monitoring.

  6. Centralized management and service: The provider manages all applications and servers in their own data center, which allows your mobile employees to access the network. You’ll be able to build backup and storage into the centralized network.

  7. Excellent service: The longer you work with your business cloud services provider, the more they’ll know your business and offer a seamless level of service. A comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) offers the highest level of service with the right provider.

  8. Business continuity: In the event of a natural disaster or other event that might threaten your business, the redundancy and resiliency you get with the right business cloud services provider means that your company will experience little downtime and minimal interruption.

  9. Response times: Your business cloud services provider will be able to respond quickly to any problem because of remote monitoring and management. The right provider will be able to access and repair any network problems remotely.

  10. Vendor interfacing: When a technology issue involves a vendor, your business cloud services provider can contact the vendor directly and resolve the issue without your involvement.

These benefits reduce your costs and help address the growing complexity of cloud migration, but there’s also opportunity for growth and innovation when you’re freed from the daily monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and applications. Contact us at Effortless to learn more about how a business cloud services provider can help you optimize not only your IT environment, but also help drive growth for your enterprise.